Products For Gullible People (2007-06-18)

Another episode of our Gullible Purchase Alert!

I have two products on the market for you today.  First is these massage things with plastic rollers so one can wheel the rollers on their face for a DIY FACE LIFT .  Your face muscles are supposed to be magically lifted back to its youthful position when you roll those rollers over your face!  What The Fudge?!

Then we also have mittens for buttock peeling! The instruction on the packet says to rub the butt with this mitten 1-2 times a week for your hip care. Since when do we need to peel away epidermis on our butt?? And even if you think you do (Gosh help you), I'd suggest a kitchen sponge with a scouring pad. (Today's motto: Always multi-task your kitchen goods.)

How stupid do maufacturers think consumers are?  Very stupid it seems, otherwise these foolish gimmicks won't even be on store shelves.

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