Come Meet My Family (2007-10-02)

Since this trip is, foremost, a family-oriented reunion, it feels right that I shall introduce my family to my readers before I talk about places we went and food we ate.

We stayed at my parents' house this time instead of a hotel, so I had chances to take un-posed shots of them doing stuff at home.  There are times that call for proper group photos, but you'll not find interesting expressions on those pictures.  That's why I like to take candid shots of people when they aren't aware of my camera.

To protect internet anonymity (or is it an excuse to hide some not-so-pretty faces?), you will see my family on pictures, but you won't be able to identify them in person (except for Tiffany and Oscar whose father gave me permission to post their pictures).  Hope that doesn't disappoint you.

Now I finally have photos of my parents, my older sister Sophia, her husband Sam, their daughter Eleanor, son Evangel, my brother Peter, his wife Rachel, their daughter Tiffany, son Oscar, my younger sister Serlina and her husband David on this journal of mine.

Peter has a Yahoo blog in Chinese in which he has talked about some subjects I'll be posting later, it also has detailed information on some restaurants we visited including the prices of the dishes we ate.  If you are interested, you can go to his site for reference.

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