Wii Is The Best Video Game And Mahjong Is The Best Board Game EVAH (2007-10-12)

Wii Is The Best Video Game And Mahjong Is The Best Board Game EVAH We should take a break from all those food posts and talk about something else, such as the things we did besides eating! 

After the first dim sum lunch, Peter took us to Miranda Westfield to browse around before we went to his place to hang out.  There we met my nephew for the first time since he was born while we were in Japan.  His sister Tiffany has changed a lot in four years but I feel like I've watched them grow up through Peter's blog on which he frequently posts their pictures.  Once they got past the initial shy awkward stage, they're the most sprightly and chatty kids I've seen in a while. 

It's at his house that I played Wii for the first time and I love the tennis and bowling game.  I played so hard that my arm muscle was sore for three days!  Tiffany may be a fraction of my size, but she plays very well, beating me many times.  Well, only because she has ample training!

KL and I also played Mahjong three times at my parents' house.  The first time it was WITH SERLINA and later joined by Mom...Okay, let's stop for a minute here.  If you are familiar with Mahjong, you know it's a 4-player game.  So how come KL, Serlina and I could play it with just the three of us?  Because we are Mahjong FREAKS!  We have ways to make this addictive board game playable with one player short, that's how nutsy we are.  However, my Mom, who's an even worse Mahjong buff than we are, came to the rescue and we could resume a proper Mahjong game.

On the last Saturday night of our stay in Sydney, Rachel, KL, Mom and I played Mahjong from 10 pm to 4:20 am!!  Mom said she was getting more awake as the game progressed and I bet she could've gone on for many more hours.  Mahjong is like the drug Ecstacy to my Mom, she can get high on those tiles!  Whoever invented Mahjong gets my utmost and sincerest accolade for coming up with such a great mind-training and the most interesting game in the world.

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