Four Boys And A girl Under One Roof (2007-10-25)

This post is about the three adorable animals that share a home with David and Serlina.  Pam (not your English name Pam, but the Chinese pronunciation PAM which doesn't have any meaning in this case, but possibly derived from the dog's breed), the Pomeranian, is adorable with all sorts of cute behavior.  I like it when you go near him and start to pat his back and he just flops to his side, then rolls on to his back and wants you to rub his chest, all the while staring at you with suspicious eyes.  He is hilarious.

Then there are Jing and Ah Mee, the two ginger cats who are insufferably cute.  Jing has a gorgeous long coat in ginger and white.  He is just handsome and is the most gluttonous cat I've ever known.  He absolutely eats EVERYTHING including raw coconut and the crunchiest cookies, although his digestive system would make him barf the coconut later.

Ah Mee is perhaps 14 years old and has gotten very skinny.  He has lost a lot of weight lately but the vet found nothing wrong with him.  He is also cute except he drools when he is content.  If you let him curl up in your lap, your pants would have a patch of cat spit on it in no time.

All the animals are male.  Together with David, they have a big family of four boys and a girl living happily under one roof.

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