Pressure Cooker For Dummies, That I Mean Me (2007-11-15)

I have always wanted a pressure cooker, but knowing my inherent anti-anything-mechanical, thus causing grave danger to my body; KL is more nervous of me using one than I myself.  He really thought one time I would so misuse a pressure cooker that it would explode in my face!

However, with today's technology, I believe even dummies like me can safely operate one.  So I got one.

This T-fal Clipso Control 6-L dual handle pressure cooker is soooooo easy to use.  What I like first and foremost is its safety features which does not allow the lid to be opened if pressure is not released first.  And if too much pressure (exceeds 80kPa) is built up during cooking (such as when you forget to turn down the heat which is impossible because there's a timer to tell you when to turn down heat), safety valves kick in and release pressure automatically through the steam vent or under the lid. 

Speaking of the timer, it is a removable device on the lid that beeps once it detects the pressure that has reached inside the pot so the user can reduce heat at that point.  And once the set cooking time is reached, it beeps again to alert the user to turn off the heat.  It's so foolproof that you simply can't mess up the pressure control and cooking time.

For someone like me who frequently makes Chinese soup and stew that normally takes 2.5 to 3 hours to cook, a pressure cooker is essential.  I can also see it as our tiny effort to helping conserve the world's energy, kekekekekeke.  Yeah, I like to justify everything I buy. 

P.S.  At the time of choosing this pressure cooker, I hadn't realized the high setting only reaches 11.6psi.  Ideally an efficient pressure cooker should cook at 15psi to take maximum advantage of pressure cooking.  But T-fal dual handle cookers do look the coolest!

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