Itocia (2007-12-03)

It's rare for us to visit a brand new mall or venue within two months of its opening because we just hate the crowds which are bound to be there like bees attracted to honey.  However KL and I had to go to Yurakucho's Bic Camera to change over our phones (which I'll talk about in a future post), so we might as well do a quick tour of the food section to see if there's any yummy food we could bring home.

The crowds were of course terrible.  We really did do a QUICK walk around and left, getting nothing.  It was a quarter past one when we arrived and there were lines upon lines of people waiting outside restauants there.  Shuffling through the throng of shoppers in the warm, almost hot, inside of the mall made us want to leave quickly and we did.

Krispy Kreme set up shop there and the line has been as strong as the one in Shinjuku (kanji).  KL walks past it everyday to work and he is simply amazed at the enthusiasm people have over glazed donuts. 

Despite all the other stores in Itocia's multi-storied building, we didn't go past the food section in the basement.  Perhaps next time.  We've got to let the crowds thin out first.

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