Growing Bokchoy (2007-12-08)

Winter is not the season for growing a lot of the leafy vegetables but I am impatient to wait till Spring, so I sowed the Bokchoy seeds I bought in Sydney soon after we returned to Tokyo in September.  Since they only take 10 weeks to mature, I figured I could still have time to grow them before the dead of winter kicked in.

I have always loved gardening, especially the edible kind.  The fun of watching seeds become vegetables and the joy of harvesting is indescribable.  And the best part is I can grow almost all my crops organically.

I also bought some more vegetable seeds online here and planted them recently.  I can't wait to eat them!

Bokchoy Tofu Clams Soup (for 2)
1. Heat a bit of oil in a saucepan, fry a clove of crushed garlic till fragrant, add 250gm fresh clams, splash a bit of cooking wine and a bit of water, cover lid and cook till clams open up over medium heat.
2. Discard garlic, remove clams, set aside, strain the liquid accumulated in the pan to remove grit.
3. Add 250ml half strength chicken broth to pan, add cut-up soft tofu and bokchoy and the strained clam liquid.  Cook till bokchoy is tender.
4.Turn off heat, season according to taste.  Return clams to soup and serve.

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