Finally, A Cubed Bread! (2008-01-13)

I did it!!

After several trials and errors, I finally found out the secret to making my loaf with sharp corners!  I don't know if others do it this way, but this is how I can make sure the dough fills up the loaf tin 100%.  It is rather simple really: let the dough rise to 90% capacity of the tin, close the lid and let rise for ten more minutes, then bake.  That's it! 

The various recipes I used before always tell you to let the dough rise to 90%, close the lid and bake which never results in a square loaf.  The top never fills up the tin and the top corners get all rounded.  I know it's a bit of an obsession for me to make the loaf a clear cube shape, but it's something I wanted to do and I must do it, dammit!

Whole Wheat Bread for a 23cmX12cmX12cm tin

First of all, make the sponge starter.  Mix 55gm whole wheat flour with 2gm instant yeast, pour 35gm boiling water in it and use a spatula to mix it into a smooth dough.  Cover and let rest for 4 hours.

Loaf Ingredients

Bread flour 260gm, Whole wheat flour 20gm, Instant yeast 3gm, Salt 4gm, Sugar 20gm, Water 200ml, Skim milk powder 15gm, Butter 20gm

1. Mix all ingredients and the sponge starter, knead in machine or by hand till smooth and elastic, cover and let rise till double in size.
2. Punch down slightly, divide dough into thirds, shape into balls slightly, cover, rest 10 minutes.
3. Flatten each ball to 16cmX13cm, fold into thirds and roll the log into thirds.
4. Put the folded balls into tin and proof in 30C environment for an hour or so till 90% full. Cover with lid and let rise another 10 minutes.  Bake in 190C for 40 minutes.  Remove tin, cool bread on rack completely before slicing.

P.S. Bread loaf using a sponge starter has a very soft and fluffy texture even after two days.  Any slices that cannot be consumed within two days should be freezed.  Thaw bread at room temperature, never in the microwave and never ever store bread in the refrigerator unless it has perishable ingredients in it such as cheese or ham etc.  Freezer is the best place to store bread, not the fridge.

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