Tofu Byproduct (2008-05-15)

What to do with all that crushed soybeans?  I can't bear to throw away all the nutritional goodness embedded in those beans.  Sure, I could add it to cookies, cakes, bread, stuffing etc.  But I opted to make soybean "toppings".  You can use it to sprinkle over rice, noodles, steamed tofu (double whammy tofu power!), vegetables, white fish, chicken, pork, salad etc.

The concept is simple: cook the soybeans, dry them, and panfry them with seasonings.  That's it.

1) Boil (15 min) or steam (20 min) or microwave (10 min) the crushed soybeans.
2) Dry in a 160C oven for 45 min.  Stir around half way.
3) Dry fry (meaning no oil) in a pan or wok for 45 min to an hour over low heat stirring constantly.  This requires patience, put on your favorite music.
4) When the soybeans are a deep golden color, add a tbsp or so sugar, soysauce and your favorite seasonings such as a tbsp of Chinese BBQ sauce, seafood sauce, XO sauce, chili bean paste or even cajun seasonings.  The option is endless.
5) When completely cooled, store in a glass jar and freeze.

P.S. The amount of seasonings quoted are based on 300gm dry soybeans I used to make the tofu which netted me 570gm crushed soybeans (okara), and after panfrying I ended up with 215gm of "toppings".  

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