New Iron 2 (2008-08-29)

The relatively new iron is not working out for me.

Perhaps expensive cordless irons are much more powerful than this one we have, but our cheap model starts to lose heat after just a few strokes on the ironing board, therefore I have to keep putting it back on the charger to recharge.  Although it doesn't take but a moment for it to be fully charged again, it is a huge hassle when I have lots of ironing to do.

When we replaced our cordless vacuum cleaner with one that has a cord because the cordless one was pretty useless, I don't know why I didn't see the same problem in a cordless iron.  Go figure.

Another thing not good about our iron is its non-steam action even when it says it's a steam iron.  I'd put water in the tank but steam never comes out when I'm ironing, it comes out occasionally when it's on the charger!

Therefore we need a replacement.  I tested this Toshiba Steam Iron (with cord) as soon as it was delivered, and it does release plenty of steam.  It's still a cheap one (only 4 bucks more than the old lemon), but looks like it's a keeper.

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