Bosphorus Hasan Turkish Restaurant (2009-02-03)

Only had Turkish food once and that was long before I started this blog.  It's time we tried this cuisine again so as to refresh my memory.

We wandered around Shinjuku (kanji) and found Bosphorus Hasan hidden on the second floor of a small building in a quiet side street.  There were only three other occupied tables when we arrived close to 1pm.  The decor and background music were "middle eastern", a style I don't know how to describe, but you just know the moment all those colorful tiles and tasseled table cloths hit your eyes.

Besides the two Turkish chefs behind the semi-open kitchen, a middle-aged Turkish man was the sole waiter and cashier.  He got pretty busy later on as new diners gradually filled the restaurant.

We chose some classic Turkish dishes and they were pretty good.  I especially loved the hot and crispy/fluffy pide and eggplant dip/salad thing.  This is a restaurant we will return if we are in the neighborhood and I'll definitely order the bread again and other yummy-looking dishes on the menu.

Bosphorus Hasan        Daiichi Tamaya Bldg, 2F   Shinjuku 3-6-11     Tel: 03-3354-7947

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