Disposal Of Large Trash In Tokyo (2009-02-19)

Disposal of large-sized trash such as appliances and furniture in Tokyo doesn't mean you just haul it to the collection point like everyday garbage.  One can either contact private companies to collect the trash for a fee or the local ward office to do the same.  KL chose the latter to dispose of our Toshiba oven.

The process is very simple:

  1. Apply online on the ward office website or call them.
  2. Fill in personal details and find out from a chart the number of "stickers" you need to buy from a host of stores including all convenience stores to stick on the trash.
  3. Immediately following the application, an e-mail from the ward office will give you a date to leave the trash either in front of the residence or at the collection point.
That concludes the process.  And sure enough, the garbage truck came the morning it said it would and picked up the oven.

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