Received Mandarin (2009-03-15)

Mrs Y has been absent from the street scene for many months since she suffered acute kidney failure last year.  We only found out she'd been hospitalized for a lengthy period after she was released. (Sigh...why do nice people always suffer from horrific illness?)

Anyway, while I was weeding outside the apartment one day, a weak and pallid Mrs Y trudged past me from having finished dialysis in the hospital.  We managed to chat a bit despite her shortness of breath, and it's truly sad to see a formerly healthy woman become sick like that.

After she went on her way home, she returned immediately to bring me a bag of expensive mandarins!  Even after all these years, it still amazes me how she ALWAYS has high quality fruit stashed in her house that she can just give away.  Mrs Y says she loves to shop, buys too much and nobody eats them at home.  Well, KL and I will finish them for you!  Thank you so much!

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