Bookstores (2004-07-18)

One good thing about bookstores in Tokyo is you can read all you want for hours and no one comes to bother you.  Bookshops are almost always filled with people burying themselves in front of book shelves reading to their hearts' content.  There is a multi-story bookstore in Shibuya (kanji) which has a small section selling English magazines.  Every time I go to Shibuya for grocery shopping, I'd stop by to browse through those magazines just like the many foreigners around me doing exactly the same thing.  I seldom see anyone actually picking out one to buy. 

Although I wouldn't call myself a bookworm, reading sits pretty high up on my list of favorite pastime.  Whenever I'm overseas and I walk past a bookstore, I always go to see what's on offer.  I guess I know what a kid feels like when he/she is in a candy store.  My candies will be all standing upright wrapped in colorful jackets.

I used to go to the library a lot.  The one I go to in Hibiya is one of the biggest in Tokyo but their English books collection is quite scanty and old.  It's time I went back to the library again.  Those candies are free and won't turn to dust collectors when I'm done with them.

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