Double Chocolate Layer Cake (2009-06-26)

This is a recipe from Today Show's website.  Search the cake title and you'll find it.

Alteration I made: Used 2/3 of every ingredient, Ghirardelli 70% instead of Callebaut, skim milk instead of buttermilk, one 18-cm (baked 50 minutes) and four10-cm (baked 35 minutes) single-use cake molds instead of the specified size tins, (the small ones did spill over a bit, should use 5 cups next time), and because I don't do the ganache frosting or any kind of icing, I added 1/3 cup dark brown sugar to the batter but the cake still turns out just barely sweet.

Result: The cake is chocolatey, dark, light as feather and moist.  Really fabulous!

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