We Miss You, Daifoo (2009-07-18)

The past eighteen years was short sharing your life with us, the next eighteen years will be long without you.  Getting you from the pet shop was a fluke but you turned out just fine.  You made us laugh then and make us cry now.  Losing you is close to unbearable and people say it's only a cat, it's because they don't know you the way I do.

Last night I came home you didn't race downstairs to welcome me.  We ate dinner in silence looking at the spot on the table you used to sit.  I can't take a walk in the afternoon anymore because there is no more cat for me to walk with.

I miss feeding you.  I miss patting your soft hair.  I miss looking into your big green eyes and wondered what you were thinking.  I miss you sleeping next to me in bed and waking me in the morning with your claws on my face.

For animals who generate so much love, there must be a place in heaven for them.  God takes care of His good creations and that includes you, Daifoo.  I'm sorry I couldn't make you live longer.  I tried.  Believe me, how I tried.

I want to kiss you one last time, but I can only do it in my memory now.  I miss you Daifoo. I miss you a lot.

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