Avatar (2010-03-15)

Poor weather or sold-out good seats were factors that kept us housebound instead of going to see Avatar.  But not this past Saturday.  On Saturday, it finally stopped raining and we got very good seats online.   After 2 hours and 40 minutes in Toho cinema's comfortable environment, we were a little disappointed in the movie.

Perhaps I was hoping too much from the 3D effect, afterall that IS the buzz of the whole movie.  The first 3D movie I saw was in a tiny theater in Disney World in Florida where creatures and animals seemed to jump out of the screen and walk right in front of me.  At one point, out of reflex, I stretched out my arm trying to touch the little animal floating what looked like inches from my face!  I knew it was only the 3D effect but I couldn't help it (and neither could many other audiences), my instinct and distorted mind told me to touch the images.  Wow, that was one incredible movie experience!

Nothing like that happened during the entire Avatar.  The "layering" effect was certainly present but nothing jumped out of the screen and danced or floated around us.  Avatar is still a remarkable movie, but the 3D effect did not meet our expectation.  Frankly speaking I thought Titanic's ship-sinking special effect was more mindblowing than the 3D images on Pandora.  The story of Jack and Rose is also much more touching than Jake and Neytiri.

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