Farewell Night With Fung (2004-09-29)

Last Saturday we met with Fung and his mother for dinner before they head back to Sydney the next day.  We went to a noodle restaurant in Shinjuku (kanji) where KL and I ate there once many years ago.  The restaurant specializes in udon (thick chewey noodles) and soba (buckwheat noodles).  We all chose udon and they were very good.  Mine is a set meal with two big tempura prawns and they were the best I have tasted; crunchy prawn meat deep-fried with a crispy batter.

After we left the restaurant the boys went back inside to get black sesame ice-cream for dessert and we ate it outside the resaurant standing on the street.  Then we walked around the area a bit for Fung and his mom to look at the neon-flooded night scene of Shinjuku on their last night in Japan.  During the walk, we saw many men dressed in black suits and white shirts in groups of three or four who apparently work in the adult business idling on the streets.  I also saw a few men in heavy makeup, wigs and glittering gowns laughing and chatting with other people, either they were on their way to work in night clubs or off work from a cabaret show.  Just across to the other side of the street, homeless people already got their bedding(cardboards) out and were sleeping outside closed stores. 

Other people we walked past included teenagers who squatted on sidewalks smoking and chatting with friends, salarymen, drunken men and other tourists.  Shinjuku at night is a hotchpotch of interesting people and night owls.  It will surely provide a good conversation subject for Fung when he's back with friends in Sydney.

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