Wai Kee (2011-11-15)

Sep 27, day 2 in Hong Kong. 

We decided to start using the MTR 3-day pass, so we might as well go far away to make the most of the all-you-can-ride pass.

Wai Kee is rumored to serve the best roast duck and curries in Hong Kong. We arrived early to avoid the lunch crowd and there's plenty of seats.

We ordered a plate of lamb curry with rice and a medium plate of duck to share.  The curry was very fragrant and tender and just slightly spicy.  Being lamb, it did have the distinctive lamb's gamey taste, but only slightly.  Overall a very tasty dish.

The duck absolutely rocked!  It was sooooo juicy and the skin so crispy.  It was a joy to eat!

Wai Kee      (Inside the wet market) 21 Bowrington Rd, Wanchai   Tel: 2574-1131

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