Ginkgo Festival (2004-12-08)

To celebrate the changing color of the foliage of the ginkgo trees on Ichonamiki Street, a festival was held in Mejijingugaien Park behind the street.  There was no parade in this festival, but a stage was set up for artists to perform music.  A big part of the festival featured stalls selling locally grown and made products such as newly-harvested rice, pickled vegetables and crafts.  A number of food vendors also set up shop there.  Around us, people slurped hot soup, kids nibbled cotton candy, couples chuckled as they munched on grilled chicken and elderly people sat on benches and sipped green tea.  The atmosphere in the festival was lively and joyous as people spent a nice cool afternoon with loved ones in the park.

While most people crowded in the market and food section, some took a stroll over fallen leaves in the quieter wooded area.  KL and I sat on a rock under a tree to take in all the fun the changing season has to offer.  We also enjoyed watching a family play badminton while their five dogs messed around near by. 

Autumn always gives me a sense of melancholy but I did not feel it at all that day.  Good.

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