Machida (2005-05-11)

If you like to shop, Machida (kanji) is a good place to visit.  Just thirty five minutes from Shinjuku (kanji) on the express Odakyu Line (kanji), it is quite easy to get there.  JR Line also has trains to Machida, but the fare ( 890 yen/ US$8.5) is over twice as much as Odakyu Line's trains (360 yen/US$3.5), so don't bother with JR trains.

Your shopping can get started as soon as you get off the train at Machida where there are numerous shops inside the station.  Odakyu line's station is also directly connected to Odakyu department store enabling one to go inside the store without having to leave the station. 

Once you get out of the station and on to the street level, there are tons more shops waiting for shoppers.  In addition, there is a long elevated pedestrian walkway with department stores and large franchised stores on its sides.  But don't let your browsing and window shopping stop there, there are even more shops in the many alleys and smaller shopping streets further away from the train stations.

A serious shopper can plan on spending the entire day in Machida till they drop.

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