Bush And Koizumi Cute As A Button (2005-12-08)

On his eight-day trip to Asia last month, President Bush made the first stop in Japan.  The media had extensive report of his meeting with Japan's Prime Minister.  TV news was covering the event left, right and center, including inevitable discussion by political analysts.

In a style in sync with Japanese way of doing business which is to use a bit of cuteness in even the most boring situations--like listening to a bunch of politicians talk about Bush's visit--a TV program put up a pair of Bush and Koizumi figurines on the news desk.  The dolls actually made those two people look cute, something they are not in real life.

KL and I tuned in and stayed on the program longer than we anticipated.  While the analysts were yapping away, we were lauging at the dolls' comical portrayal of the figure heads.  "Meet The Press" can be uplifting and fun, if only they can liven up the stage a bit with some silly dolls.

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