Cat Shop (2006-01-13)

Hidden in the quiet suburb of Nezu (kanji) in a little alley amongst residential houses is a cat shop.  The shop is run by a bona fide cat aficionado, so I was told.  Cat figurines and decorations embellish the outside of the shop, stairs, curb, wall and even the power pole.  Not a tittle of space is not dressed with cute cat stuff which gave me a good ten minutes' fun just examining them.

The shop was closed the day I went to visit it.  I was surprised to find that it is only open for business three days a week.  Unless it is streaming with customers on those three days, I don't understand how it can stay in business.

Perhaps the owner is not dependent on the shop to make a living, perhaps all he/she wants to do is to run a shop where all the cat knickknacks can be displayed to and admired by fellow cat lovers.

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