Bicycles (2004-04-18)

Bicycles are bicycles, not much to talk about except those that are fitted with child seats in the front and/or back.  They are a common form of transportation for mothers.  My friend tells me it is actually illegal to hitch extra seats on bikes for the obvious reason of safety.  If that's true, the authority doesn't seem to be taking any measures to regulate these bikes on the roads.  When you see a mother struggling with a bike with two small children sitting on it and shopping bags dangling on the handlebars while weaving through traffic and dodging people in all kinds of crazy angles, you question the safety of those extra seats, and the mindset of the rider.  I guess those mothers never think accidents can happen to them...until it's too late.  They should at least put some helmets on.

Updates: A news reporter did a story on the danger of children's seats on bicycles on April 22nd 2004.  I learned that it's illegal if one hitches two extra seats or more on a bike.  Although one seat is ok in the eye of the law, it still increases the chance of the rider tipping over with a child in the back especially when he/she is wiggling about.  The report also suggested helmets on children riding on those seats.

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