Legend Seafood Restaurant (2006-11-04)

I'd been looking forward to a dim sum lunch even before we left Tokyo.  I love yumcha and since dim sum in Tokyo kinda sucks (in taste and in price), we have to rely on our overseas trips to get decent ones.  I wasn't expecting a whole lot going into Legend.  Chinatown in Hawaii?  Surely doesn't sound like one can get authentic dim sum there.  But we'd be wrong.

The dim sum variety isn't very extensive, but they tasted great!  The shrimp dumplings had thin slightly chewy skin and the shrimp stuffing was juicy.  Seafood dumplings were just as delicious.  My favorite and must-eat dim sum, the steamed rice rolls, were slippery smooth which glided down the throat with ease and stuffed with crunchy shrimps.  Excellent.  They have a funny name for rice rolls called "look funn" which sounded like the Chinese slang term for a long stick including youknowwhat.  We couldn't help but giggled over the name.

The steamed pork buns and egg tarts were also impressive.  All the dim sum items were priced at half or less than the Tokyo prices but tasted ten times better.  We were so impressed with the restaurant that we returned the day after for another yumcha lunch.  That tells you how much we liked their food.

Legend Seafood Restaurant      100 N Beretania St in the Chinese Cultural Plaza   #42 bus stops right in front of the restaurant

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