Bird's Nest (2004-05-13)

Ever since the first bird came to my bird feeder, there has been a steady flow of them visiting everyday.  They are all sparrows and they've been building a nest right under my nose and I had no idea all this time.

Last year we found a dead nestling on the ground next to the power post in front of our apartment.  We couldn't figure out where it came from since there aren't any trees in the immediate vicinity of the building.  Today when I was sitting in the parking lot looking up at the sparrows, I saw two flew toward our apartment and landed on the electricity wire, each carrying a small twig in its beak.   They then disappeared into a hole on the bottom of a metal box which is mounted on top of the post and reappeared minus the twig.  Those two birds would fly back and forth several more times with more twigs while stopping for  birdfeed on their way in search of building materials.  It was all very amusing to watch them work and then it dawned on me that last year's dead nestling must have fallen from its nest inside the metal box.

They've picked  a good spot to build the nest.  It is high up in the air away from predators and there is no fear that bigger birds will encroach on it because the hole opening to the nest is only small.  No wonder I can't sell them my bird house.   Well at least I know they have a safe place to raise a family.  Hope no nestling plunges to the ground this year.

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