Fabulous String Quartet (2007-02-19)

We were on our way back to Sheraton after eating in Harbour City (mall) when we stumbled upon a string quartet playing fabulously in an open space inside the mall.  There was initially just one woman standing near them enjoying their music, but as KL and I joined her, more people gathered around. 

The talented musicians were playing anything from traditional Chinese tunes to Mozart.  I loved their rendition of several music pieces from the animated movies of Hayao Miyazaki such as Tenku no Shiro and Tonari no Totoro.  I could've stayed there all day listening to them but they left after they played Tonari no Totoro.  Oh bummer!

KL took a one-minute video of them for your enjoyment.  I wanted to record longer but we ran out of memory space in our camera at that precise moment.  Oh double bummer!

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