Tokyo University (2004-06-01)

Tokyo University is the most prestigious university in Japan.  From the day a child enters school, he/she will begin going down the tough road of long hours of study and/or being enrolled in all kinds of tuitoring classes for the preparation of achieving the ultimate moment: seeing their name up on the board among those accepted into university.  And if that acceptance happens to be from Tokyo University, the moment is even all the more shinier.  When one member of a family is a student there, the entire family gains respect and honor from all their friends and relatives.  And the proud parents need not worry much that their child will have any difficulty landing a job after graduation because a Tokyo University diploma is a prized credential few employers reject.

I learned all these after we arrived in Japan when KL began his two-year research position there.  I remember getting all those reverent looks from every Japanese I talked to about his employment at Tokyo University, even my hairdresser was awed.

It seems a bit regrettable that KL left his well-regarded job at Tokyo University for something else.  But looking back, the reason we are still living in Japan happy and content is because he decided to take on a new road back then.   So may be it's not a bad choice afterall.

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