Nadia's, Supersize Us Why Don't Ya? (2007-10-13)

We spent two full days with my lovely sister Serlina during our stay in Sydney.  On the first day, my parents had left early in the morning to do their own things and we waited for Serlina to pick us up.  Allow me to abruptly segue to a previous conversation here.

Me: (months ago in Tokyo)  I'd love to try the Vietnamese sandwich Bahn Mi.  The other bloggers raved about it.

KL:  I dunno where to get Bahn Mi in Tokyo.

Me: (yesterday in Hurstville)  Look, Bahn Mi shop!

KL:  You want one?

Me:  Too full...

Back to my parents' house, thoughtful Serlina brought us a pork and a chicken Bahn Mi for breakfast!  (Whao, twilight zone...)  The bread roll was crispy outside and slightly chewy inside with  tons of lightly pickled vegies, meat and fresh coriander.  YUM!  Thank you Serlina for reading my Bahn Mi-obsessed mind and being generous. 

After the satisfying "breakfast" that finished around a quarter to 11 am, we went to DFO (Direct Factory Outlets), a small shopping building where we left empty-handed.  Then we headed to a large kitchen shop, Victoria's Basement, where I was only able to take one picture before I was stopped by the staff.  So VB, it's your loss that my readers can't see more of the merchandise you carry and I don't feel like saying anymore than I could very well have since you obviously DON'T want publicity.

After that, we went to nearby Parramatta Westfield Shopping Mall to get lunch.  All those Chinese meals in the past few days made our bodies scream for something western.  We walked past an open cafe in the middle of a shopping floor, Nadia's, took one look at their menu and found ourselves a table.  It took us some time to decide what to get, not that the menu was particularly large, but because several items looked equally interesting.

Finally, Serlina and KL ordered the same Steak Sandwich on Turkish bread that came with a jacket potato and sour cream, and I got the Tandoori Chicken Warm Salad. Perhaps we were used to seeing small servings in restaurants in Tokyo, so when the two gigantic sandwiches the size of Texas arrived at the table, we laughed in unison, even Serlina was shocked.  I've never seen such a big sandwich which darned covered Serlina's entire face.  My salad wasn't huge but it was a pretty healthy serving nonetheless.  And just when I thought no one could finish that sandwich, they cleaned the plate!  Oh boy.  KL says the combination of the toothsome bread, the beef and the sauce made it a very yummy sandwich.  It's good that the server missed an order of Bruschetta 'cause we wouldn't be able to finish it anyway.  Total bill was about A$50 including drinks.

After that full and late lunch, we walked around the mall a bit and what did I stumble upon?  New Zealand Natural!  Despite the full stomach, I couldn't resist my favorite ice cream stand where I got a cup/two scoops of Chocolite and Chocolate Esctasy.  The former had the texture of gelato and the latter creamy and chocolatey, just heavenly.  KL and Serlina had planned to eat cakes back in Hurstville later so they didn't get any. 

Just a moment later, we walked past Pretzel World and got more snacks! Serlina treated me to a Cinnamon Soft Pretzel which I ate half of it while she got one that pretended to call itself a Pretzel but is actually a jumble hotdog.  More bread for her??  Is her belly bottomless???  I'll talk about the cakes they got in Hurstville tomorrow.

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