Shabuyo And Raumen Museum (2009-01-14)

Since we practically spent the entire day from morning to late night in Yokohama, naturally we ate lunch and dinner there. 

Winnie randomly picked an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu restaurant inside World Porters as she was too hungry to look any further.  For about 1700Yen (US$18), you can have all their thinly sliced beef and pork, unlimited trips to the vegetables and rice/noodle bar, drinks and ice-cream bar.  The veggies were fresh, meat was served up quickly upon request and lots of condiments were provided.  This was the only meal I was allowed to buy them.

For dinner, we searched high and low for the ShinYokohama Raumen Museum which was a must-eat place for Winnie and Porsche.  The tour book boasts RyuShanghai's Akamiso Ramen which is said to have been popular for 11 years.  The noodles turned out to be a complete letdown.  The shocking layer of fat on the soup was thick enough to make bio fuel for a hundred cars!  The glob of red ball floating on the oil is made up of miso, chili and a gazillion cloves of raw garlic.  It was so garlicky I almost sneezed.  The soup wasn't particularly flavorful and the noodles too al dente and thick for my liking.  The worst thing is the noodles in Winnie's bowl were all clumped together and they put chopped scallions in her soup when we had specifically requested them not to.  Winnie was so unhappy with her noodles that she had to send it back to the kitchen.

Each of us ordered the same noodles and each of us concluded that it was disappointingly mediocre.  Thank you Winnie for paying for the admission and noodles!

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