Hitachi Steam Oven (2009-02-05)

We've been microwave-less for almost 10 months.  Ever since I sprayed water inside the oven trying to create steam when I was baking baguette, I've killed the microwave part of my beloved Toshiba oven. (It's a microwave/grill/oven unit)   T_T

Although I don't cook with the microwave oven much, but boy, without it to reheat or defrost food, it's incredibly inconvenient.  I can't stand it no more, as much as I hate to buy appliances (thinking it'll be a waste when we can't bring back to Sydney with us), we need a microwave oven now.  There's no room in the tiny kitchen for a microwave, I'll have to replace my Toshiba altogether although the oven part and grill are still fully functional.  And while I'm at it, I might as well get one of those new invention: steam oven.  This way, I can really use steam during cooking without damaging anything.

Toshiba would be my first choice but the current models are too big for our shelf, so I'll have to go for another brand.  Hitachi's Steam Ovens are the perfect size and have the steam function, so we got one online (which is a full 10000Yen/overUS$100 cheaper than the ones in the stores).

This oven is also a microwave, oven and grill rolled into one unit.  There's a water tank at the bottom that supplies water for the oven to create steam during cooking when desired.  With the latest advanced technology, a turntable is no longer needed for the microwave part to work well.  It uses some other "ray" to cook food which is too technical for me to understand or care.  What I do care though, is its steam technology which is said to keep roasted meat moist inside and crispy outside and baked bread crusty.  Can't wait to test out all my recipes in this new oven.

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