RIP MT (2017-02-27)

MT's health took a sudden drastic downturn since mid January this year. 

KL stayed by her side the whole night on February 8 till she drew her last breath at 1:11 AM, Feb 9.  Heartbroken, he wrapped her in a shirt, put it inside a bag and placed it in a box in the kennel in the balcony where her heated room had always been.

The temperature was around 2C that night (hovering around 0C to 8C the following days), so we didn't worry too much about her decomposing before the pre-arranged funeral home staff could collect her on the 10th.

As far as stray cats go, MT lived a pretty sheltered life.  She took naps in our air-conditioned apartment in summer, slept in her own heated house in winter, was never short of food or treats, and had a loyal friend in Efoo.

At twelve, she also lived an exceptionally long time (although KL did save her numerous times from illnesses, scabies and accidents).

MT, you were always an integral part of our lives.  We loved you very much and miss you dearly.

(Warning: The very emaciated pictures of MT's dying days may be disturbing to some.)

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