KL Bought Mooncake To Surprise Me (2005-09-26)

You know how I keep saying how much I miss Hong Kong's mooncake?  The full moon in Mid Autumn Festival reminds me of nothing but the delicious mooncake made of lotus seed paste and duck egg yolks I grew up eating in Hong Kong.  And I only like the mooncake from one HK maker, Wing Wah.  I don't like any other brands, I don't care if those manufacturers have been making mooncake for a thousand years.

A couple of weeks ago, I found out Wing Wah sell mooncake online to many parts of the world!  I got all excited and asked KL to order a box, but he didn't like the flow of the order procedure of the site. On top of that, the site did not encrypt all the information entered. Being a security freak, KL isn't too happy about giving out personal information on such sites, therefore the mooncake shopping idea was scraped.  I understood his concern but I was pretty disappointed nonetheless.

Then one afternoon last week just three days before Mid Autumn Festival, a courier delivered a package to us.  It was rather heavy and just when I was wondering what KL might have ordered, I saw the Chinese words on the back of the package:  Wing Wah double yolk mooncake!!

That sneaky crafty lovely little husband of mine has gone on a stealth mooncake shopping spree to give me a wonderful surprise.  Just looking at the box makes me drool!  I can't recall the last time we ate mooncake.  KL said it was six yrs ago but I think it could be longer than that.

This past Mid Autumn Festival was particularly enjoyable to me.  We ate my favorite Wing Wah double yolk mooncake and took pictures of the big ol' moon.  I didn't have to dream about mooncake when I looked at the moon, I was taking actual bites of this fattening and sickly sweet treat.

Life has many ups and downs.  On Sep 18, its ups was in my mouth and downs in my stomach.            

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