Day Four Food (2005-11-27)

We always see people eating pizza in New York on TV and in movies and they looked delicious.  Our random pick of a pizza place in New York did not disappoint.  The pizza shops there always have a variety of pizza with different toppings already made.  When you order your slice, they will heat it up in the oven that crisps the top as well as the bottom crust.

The one we had at Pronto Pizza by the side of Ground Zero was very yummy.  The crust was crispy all the way to the bottom yet slightly chewy underneath the toppings.  We had a couple of slices, pepperoni and mushrooms, and olives and tomatoes and they were light and flavorful.  If I lived in New York, pizza could easily become my staple.

The roast duck dinner in Chinatown was just superb.  That was the best HK BBQ duck I ever had ( I know I say this a lot this trip but it's true!) and the soy sauce chicken was also great.  Too bad the Chinese dessert wasn't icing on the cake, but the rest of the food was a definitely 10 out of 10.

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