The Kittens Have Their Own House (2006-10-14)

We have finally made up our minds after a long deliberation and got a doggie house for the two kittens who have gotten close to us.  Not that the kennel costs a lot of money, but we really don't like clutters.  Anything significant in size that we purchase will become a piece of headache-inducing junk if sitting idle.  A kennel will not be a good idea in our teeny tiny balcony if the kittens decide to ignore it.

However seeing how they always get drenched in rainy days and look all miserable is a painful sight to bear.  Besides, I want to leave an entire bag of dried food out when KL and I go on vacation later this month and without a water-proof house, the food is bound to get soaked and wasted if it rains (our balcony is 100% non-waterproof).  Therefore we got a small kennel for our little friends.  This way we can leave for our trip in peace.  And the house will provide a nice shelter for the cats in winter which is not long from now.

P.S.  Two days after the house arrived, it rained all day non-stop.  Not 30 seconds after I placed the house in the balcony did the white kitten get inside to nap.  He was joined by his sister about two hours later (she hadn't realize there's a house in the balcony) and the pair was able to stay dry despite the rain.  We're glad the kennel has not become a piece of junk afterall.

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