Mooncakes Galore (2007-10-24)

There's no mistake that The Moon Festival (9/25) was drawing near when we were in Sydney as tins of mooncakes were stacked high in Asian grocery shops.  I love sweet lotus seed paste and so does Mom.  So it was no surprise that i found a box in their kitchen just waiting for someone to devour, namely MOI, muwahahahahaha!

I didn't eat a lot as everyday was a feast with so much other great food, but I did eat enough that Mom had to buy another box (....).  Being a diabetic, she gave two mooncakes from the box to Peter.  Rachel bought some contemporary mooncakes made with nothing a traditional mooncake would be made of.  I am not sure what but I didn't try any as I just know I would hate it and end up wasting it.  KL, being an all-dessert-lover, especially western sweets, liked them a lot.

It's the first in many many years that KL and I got to experience the Moon Festival spirit with my family.  I shall not forget.

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