Farewell Dinner At Gomaya (2007-12-24)

Before you know it, the last day had arrived.  Peter and his family were flying to Hong Kong the following day, so they did as much last minute shopping as they could in Ueno (kanji) and Shinjuku (kanji).

I introduced them to my favorite ramen place in Ueno for an early lunch before the shopping began.  Peter paid the bill since I had no small change with me to pay my share.  When I did get some later, he refused to take my money, thus enabling me to score a free meal.  Thanks!

For dinner, I picked a restaurant that has partitioned rooms so we could talk more carefreely without worrying the kids making a scene when they get bored which can happen.  We hadn't tried Gomaya before but their kotatsu (a hole under the table in which you can rest your feet) on their web site looked promising and their menu also looked interesting, so KL made the reservation for us from work.  He arrived 45 minutes late because he had a company dinner to attend before joining us.

Goma in Japanese means sesame seeds, therefore it's only apt that this restaurant features sesame seeds in the majority of their dishes.  To our surprise, the dishes were much bigger than those served in most other restaurants, and they were tasty.  I enjoyed everything I ate except the Burdock chips which were bitter and fried tempura style (The ones I had in another restaurant were sweet and paper thin like potato chips).  I didn't eat the fried oyster and monkfish liver because you know how I dislike fishy food.

The adults enjoyed the food as much as the children enjoyed their "playground".  I'd never seen them so content with the environment after they finished eating.  The hole under the table eventually became their cubbyhole where they busied themselves playing house.  They obviously weren't bothered by the four pairs of stinky adult feet surrounding them...

We were supposed to share the bill but Peter insisted on paying again!  Thank you for buying me meals the whole day, heehee.

Bistro Go Ma Ya     Seno Building 3F 3-18-4 Shinjuku (1 minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station, behind ABC Mart in the building next to Kinnokuniya bookstore)   Tel:03-5367-5561

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