Daifoo Likes His New Bed (2008-01-12)

The bed I got Daifoo at the large 100Yen (US 85cents) shop in Kinshichou ... wait!  Hold on a minute!  A bed for 100Yen?!  Of course not.  I got it in the pet section that sells 1000Yen goods.  But still, eight bucks for a bed is a pretty good bargain.  The bed isn't flimsy or thin or hard or anything like that.  On contrary, it is thick and plush although the color is pretty hideous.

At first, I placed it over the cushion in front of the heater where Daifoo always sleeps at night so he had no choice but to sleep in the bed.  Once the bed is broken in (i.e. once Daifoo realized how comfortable the bed was), I moved it to the tatami room for which it's intended.

Daifoo found it and has not been able to pull himself from it since.

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