The Other Corn Bread (2008-06-05)

This can be filed under "health food" because it uses honey as sweetener and grapeseed oil for the fat needed.  The bread is soft with a slightly chewy texture from the cornmeal which reminds me of an English muffin.  The taste of corn isn't strong but it is definitely there.  Sandwich one with a small fried egg, a rasher of grilled bacon and reduced fat cheese, it is 10000 times tastier than an Egg McMuffin, not to mention 20000 times more healthy.

Corn Rolls (makes 8)

Ingredients:  Bread flour 180gm, cornmeal (known as corn grits in Japan) 20gm, water 130ml, salt 3gm, mild flavor honey 18 gm, grapeseed oil 15gm, instant yeast 4gm, completely drained canned or frozen corn 40gm

1) Put everything except corn in bread machine and do the dough cycle, add corn at the last 5 minutes of kneading.  Let rest 1 hr till doubled in size.  If knead by hand, use warm water and proceed as usual.
2) Punch down slightly, divide dough into 8 portions (50gm each).  This is a very sticky dough, sprinkle flour on cut sides of dough if difficult to handle.  Roll each portion into a ball, let rest 5 minutes.
3) Flatten each ball slightly and reshape into a ball by folding and tucking in the sides.  Roll the ball with a cupped hand on the board to make it round.
4) Rest the dough in 30C environment for 50 minutes till doubled in size.
5) Bake at 180C for 14 minutes. Cool on rack.

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