Mooncake Gorging Time (2008-09-14)

The only thing I look forward to Mid Autumn Festival is:


As before, we bought from Hong Kong Wing Wah's online shop again this year (  Service was super speedy which took all of three days for our order to arrive from Hong Kong.  I used to dislike white lotus seed paste cause I thought it tasted different from the traditional brown version.  However, KL wanted the triple yolk mooncakes which only come with white lotus filling so he has no choice but to order it.

Now that I've eaten white lotus paste, I don't think there's a difference in taste between that and the double yolk brown lotus paste which we also ordered.  I dunno, perhaps my sense of taste has mellowed or dumbified or something.  What I do know is that we'll be eating lots of egg yolks this Mid Autumn Festival!  CHOLESTEROL SUICIDE!

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