Care Package From USA (2008-09-15)

Lina is a friend I met through this blog a long time ago who is a big fan of McVitie's cookies.  She has lamented how she couldn't get McVitie's in her city, so I thought I'd satiate her cravings by offering to send her some.  She asked me what I'd like in return which I (shamelessly) requested a coupla packs of Pepperidge Farm cookies.  A week later, a box arrived from Minnesota, USA.

Despite the many exchanges in e-mail between us, I know little of Lina.  I don't know her family, her work, her ethnicity, her background, her story.  So in essence, she is a stranger to me.  Yet this stranger is kind enough to take the trouble to go to the store, buy us food and pay a lot of money to post the package. 

Besides the cookies, Lina threw in a little surprise for us.  She gathers we love Laksa and pho from reading my blog, so there they were, Prima Taste's Laksa and Asian Home Gourmet's pho seasoning packs amongst the goodies. 

Thank you so very much, Lina!  I wish you could see how KL's eyes lit up when he spotted the cookies on the table coming home from work.  Of course we had it for dessert that very night after the Laksa dinner. ^o^

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