Singapore Day 5-- Botanic Gardens (2008-12-05)

Today is all about buses.  First we took a bus to the Botanic Gardens because KL is very interested in plants and flowers, and he also wanted to check out the Orchid Garden inside Botanic Gardens.

I much prefer the buses to trains in Singapore.  They cost about the same but buses give you an almost door-to-door service and the scenery is much more enjoyable to look at from inside a bus window.  The bus schedules at bus stops are pretty accurate and are easy to read.  Don't worry about not knowing where to get off, when you get on a bus, ask the driver if the bus goes to so and so, if he says yes, then sit close to him and he always alerts you at your stop.  All the bus drivers we encountered were very friendly and helpful, Singapore is afterall a tourist oriented country and everybody understands English.

Because I took so many pictures in the Botanic Gardens, I'm gonna split them into three lots to post.  The rest of day 5 will follow after all the Gardens photos are up.

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