KL Saves MT's Life, Again! (2009-05-02)

After the horrific scabies infestation, MT suffered from cat flu!!

Man, we came back from Kyoto and she showed up looking like &$#%"!!  Her eyes were watery, nose was runny, and she coughed and sneezed non-stop.  We were only gone for a few days and she had to get herself in a jam.  What's the matter with this stray?!  You know KL had to do something about that otherwise she would die (cat flu is very deadly), so he rushed her to the vet, again.

The vet could not guarantee the treatment would work, said it's up to her to fight it off.  After three shots and three days' worth of medicine, MT seems to be symptom-free.

I'm scared to leave Tokyo now, who knows what illness she'll get herself inflicted with when we're gone?!

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