Rapee Living, Afternoon Tea (2010-01-12)

Leaving China Hong Kong City, we took a cab to Olympian City (mall) to buy a bed sheet from Rapee Living.  They have some of the cutest animal designs in their bedding and some household items.

Then we took another cab to go to nearby Mongkok hoping to find that diner that sold me the best egg tart I'd ever eaten three years ago.  Unfortunately we failed again and had to settle for another one who bore the same name.  Their egg tart was crispy but not as good as my dream one.  (Will I ever find that diner again?)

We were lucky to be there when tray after tray of freshly baked buns were coming out of the oven and the baker who carried it over his head to take it to the shopfront would yell, "Fresh bun! Fresh bun!", and many customers would shout to the waiters to grab an order.  We got two pineapple buns and they were out of this world!  The crunchy cookie topping was thin which crumbled beautifully in the mouth and the bun soft, fluffy and not overly sweet.  I couldn't eat my dream egg tart, but I ate the best pineapple bun I ever had in my life. (The buns, tart and coffees cost HK$40/US$5)

The only drawback about eating in a cha tsan ten is the fact that you often have to share a table.  It would not feel so awkward had the table been bigger, but our booth table was small to begin with and the two men sitting across from us were inches from our nose!

Hong Lin Restaurant      143 Tung Choi Street (not sure though)

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