MDM Tokyo Wholesale Store (2010-08-27)

First of all, let's learn this Japanese word if you don't already know it: toiya which roughly translates to wholesale stores. 

At any toiya, you can buy goods at reduced prices, sometimes a whole lot more cheaper than normal retail prices at non-toiya.  A good suburb with lots of toiya is Bakurocho, two stations away from Tokyo Station.  Although some toiya won't sell to independent shoppers like me, most of them do. 

Today's post isn't about those toiya though, it's about a 5-story department-like building that operates like a toiya but only open to members.  My friend, who is a member, took me there for my first visit.  I was stunned to see the entire building jam-packed with merchandise ranging from make-up to shampoo to kitchenware to handbags to food and so on.  They sell just about anything under the sun!  Photography is not allowed, so I can't show you what they carry in the store.  But I can show you what I bought that day (at very good prices) in today's picture gallery. 

MDM Tokyo      中央区日本橋横山町7-5

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