HK-Day 5 (2011-05-04)

April 13, the four of us decided to try dimsum at Lei Garden whose ifc branch was awarded a Michelin star.  KL and I picked the Mongkok branch instead of the one in Elements Mall (above Kowloon Station) to make it easier for Serlina and David since their hotel was in the same area.  The dimsum post will be up tomorrow.

It was during lunch that we found out it was Serlina's birthday!  (I only remembered her birthday was in April but forgot the date and had asked her several times in previous years what it was but she never wanted me to know.  Yeah, such is our weird sisterly relationship!)

After lunch, David, the professional photographer, took KL to get a filter for his camera in Mongkok while Serlina and I browsed some Hello Kitty shops.  After KL got his filter, we went our separate ways as David and Serlina had a dinner reservation that evening anyway.

KL and I did more shopping before eating dinner at Chuen Cheung Kui.  When we returned to Tsim Sha Tsui, I took KL to awfully chocolate to try their ice cream.  The price for one scoop has gone up 10 dollars in just 5 months!  And KL said the ice cream was just so-so.  (=_=)

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