Sheung Hay (2014-01-12)

Last night (Sunday) at 6:40pm, Sheung Hay was packed to the rim and spilling out customers, the following night we were the first ones to arrive at 6pm to an empty restaurant and the next table wasn't occupied until twenty minutes later.  The 90 minutes we were there, the restaurant only managed to get a third full.  What a change of pace!

Our clay pot rice was quite good but didn't have much charcoal flavor even though it's cooked over charcoal.  The Chinese broccoli was deliciously tender which I loved.

The cook at Sheung Hay is from Kwan Kee, arguably the best clay pot rice restaurant in Hong Kong. Their drinks maker is from famous Tsui Wah which makes very good Hong Kong style milk tea.  The restaurant is still considered new, given time, there may not be too many empty tables on weekdays.

Cost of our food was HK$153/US$20 (Clay pot rice is available in the evening only)

Sheung Hay   5-7 Mercury St, North Point, Hong Kong   Tel: 2979-0908

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