West Villa (2014-01-13)

Dec 10, fourth day.

KL had a business breakfast with a couple of colleagues who happened to be working in Hong Kong during our stay. Since most shops don't open till 11am, I chose to wait for him in the hotel so we could go out together for an early lunch.

We were really looking forward to eating West Villa's famous bbq pork (char sui) and boy, what a let down that was!  The pork was tender alright, full marks there; but flavor-wise, big fail.  The sweet/savory char sui taste was nil, it was like eating the boiled char sui pork you get in Japanese ramen.  Very disappointing  :(

The other dim sum dishes were mostly so-so. (the prawn dumplings we had at Canton Deli later in our trip was superbly better and 30% cheaper)

Service was good but for a small incident at the end: 

Since all small, medium and large dim sum is charged as small if you pay before 1230pm, we handed them our dim sum card at 1225pm and asked for the check.  We waited and waited and no one came.  When we enquired about our bill 10 minutes later, they promptly produced a bill stamped 1233pm.  The waitress said since the bill was rung up past 1230pm, we weren't entitled for the discount.  The cash register was only 20 steps from our table at most, looks like someone deliberately delayed processing the card (and kept it!) so as to charge the customers full price!?

Of course KL would not just sit there and take it even though the discount only meant a few US dollars' savings but there's a principle involved, darnit!  He asked for the manager who eventually and reluctantly gave us the discount we deserved.

We would overlook this incident and return if the food was any good, but since it wasn't, West Villa saw the end of us.

Total cost including service charge and tip was HK$330/US$43

West Villa     5/F Lee Gardens I, Hysan Road, Causeway Bay    Tel: 2882-2110

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