Wait In Line For A Meal (2005-01-10)

Japanese people are very patient queuers especially when it is a table in a restaurant they are queuing for.  Popular eateries that often see long lines are sushi and ramen restaurants.  The sushi restaurant inside Mark City in Shibuya (kanji) always has people waiting to eat in there.  And restaurants in department stores often have long lines during lunch hours on weekends, not because there aren't other restaurants around, it's because people want to eat at that particular one. 

I'm amazed at how people are willing to line up for an hour or more just to eat a bowl of noodles.  There is a tiny noodle shop in Nakano (kanji) where one just never gets a seat without waiting in line.  Diners start queuing an hour before it opens.  KL and I would love to eat there one day but we don't think any food deserves an hour's wait.  There are many more good eats in Tokyo besides that shop.

No matter how delicious the food a restaurant is reputed to serve, if there's a line of over half a dozen people outside, KL and I'll be going somewhere else for sure.  Our stomachs just don't have that kind of time to wait.

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