Sunday night was a bad night.  We received a phone call from my sister in Sydney telling us Mauwi had died. 

Our cat was boarding at a vet's clinic then while my sister and her husband were on vacation.  When they came back to Sydney, they got the news from the vet.  Since we just got back from a trip ourselves late Saturday night (more on that later), she couldn't contact us till the following day.  Apparently Mauwi was well one minute and died the next.  She was an old cat and had suffered some motor dysfunction a couple of months prior (such as bumping into walls and objects), which the vet had contributed it to old age at that time.  We suspected she might have had a brain tumor which caused her death.  Anyway we would never know the cause and we don't want an autopsy on her.

It's ominous that I was just talking about Mauwi on Sunday on this site when her death news came that very night.  And the caption on the last picture of that article is even more presageful, in a bad way.

We both mourn for Mauwi's death, but KL, who is ever so kind-hearted towards animals, cried a lot that night.  We reminisced how we picked her from several kittens in a pet shop over fourteen years ago and brought her home enthusiastically.  Besides being too shy and timid, Mauwi was a very loyal and good cat. 

Being our first pet, she always has a special place in our hearts.  We loved her dearly, may she rest in peace.

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